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Patience Training

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A computer service located in Harrison, Montana. Our service area is all of Harrison, Pony, Norris, Three Fork, Willow Creek, Whitehall, Manhattan, Logan, Belgrade, Bozeman, Amsterdam, and Ennis. Bills Computer Service is located at 47 Norwegian Creek Road outside of Harrison, Montana. Our business hours are 8:00 am. to 7:00 pm. Monday through Friday Saturday 9:00 am. to 5 pm. We offer on site service and patience training on the use of computer programs at your home or business. We are looking forward to serving the computer needs of the people in our service area.



1: Patience Training


We offer patience training for the individual wanting to lean a variety of computer skills. Training is available at your home or business. Ask for Bill for all of your training needs.


2: Video Surveillance Cameras for your security needs

We can provide video surveillance cameras for your home or business. Prices start at about $400.00 dollars provided you have suitable computer that is compatible with our video surveillance cameras.


3: Recommended Internet  and phone providers are as listed. of Livingston, CenturyLink and Technical System Services of Whitehall. We strongly don't recommend Three Rivers Communications of Fairfield. We have had to many problems with Three Rivers Communications and they are poor people to do business with. Three Rivers Communications has some really good people working for them the problems are with the management team in Fairfeild. is an excellent internet provider and are good people to do business with. Technical System Service is getting better all the time and are good people to do business with. CenturyLink does a very good job. The ATT home phone works great and is a better deal than a land line as long you have a ATT cell signal. The key thing is to locate the base station where the cell phone signal is the strongest.


Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to become a leading provider of products and services for the end user in the Windows based market. To provide low cost patience training to our clients individual needs. To empower the end user of Windows computers to a better and safer computer experience. We offer computer services at very reasonable prices. Let us help develop a training program for your individual needs. 

Phone (406) 580 2966