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Computer services at old fashion prices.

A computer service located in Harrison, Montana. Our service area is all of Harrison, Pony, Norris, Three Fork, Willow Creek, Whitehall, Manthantan, Logan, Belgrade, Bozeman, Amsterdan, and Ennis. Bills Computer Service is located at 47 Norwegian Creek Road outside of Harrison, Montana. Our business hours are 8:00 am. to 7:00 pm. Monday through Friday Saturday 9:00 am. to 5 pm. We offer a free service of pickup and delivery of your computer systems needing repairs. We provide free estimates that are truly free. We are looking forward to serving the computer needs of the people in our service area.



1: Data Recovery

We have a low cost data recovery system with a success rate of about 82 percent on hard drives with bad sectors it runs about 88.00 dollars in cost. Data recovery from viruses are a totally different issue. Prices for that issue start at about one hundred  dollars call us for more details. (406) 577 6357


2: Web Site Design

Web site design is available now for more details please call us. Phone (406) 577 6357

3: New Client

Our minimum charge is forty dollars for less than 1 hour.
We can repair most all Microsoft Windows computers for 88.00 dollars total labor charge. Plus the cost of any computer parts if needed. Laptops run a little more if we have to open the case on the laptop computer. 

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to become a leading provider of products and services for the end user in the Windows based market. To empower the end user of Windows computers to a better and safer computer experience. We offer computer services at very reasonable prices. Let us help develop a custom computer for your individual needs.


Phone (406) 577 6357